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Why the Southern Border is Still Open and Won't be Closed Anytime Soon.

Many people from Mexico, Central and South America are tired of living in poverty and desire to come to the USA seeking a better life. Their home countries have less economic opportunities than our country. But we only allow a very limited number of new immigrants each year, and hence their only realistic chance of getting into our country is by crossing the border illegally. They can easily cross the border into our country by walking across the Rio Grande river in shallow areas and after crossing the river there are many places with no border wall.

Currently, Customs and Border Protection officers can't monitor all of the open border. NBC news states 2.76 million illegal immigrants have entered our country through the southern border in 2022. Hence by crossing that river they are virtually assured of becoming semi-permanent residents.

Illegal immigrants Can't Legally Work in the US.

Most people can't survive without an income. Illegal immigrants are not eligible for welfare or food stamps or other federally funded benefits. About half of adult illegal immigrants do not have a high school education (compared to about 8% of the US population) and they aren't wealthy or they wouldn't be sneaking into the country. So how do they support themselves? What do they do?

Obviously, some of them turn to crime to support themselves. I hope this is a very small minority, but truthfully none of us know. Criminals hide their presence and activities from the authorities, so we really don't have accurate statistics. Many pundits claim that illegal immigrants commit less crime per capita than legal US citizens. That is very hard to believe and I think they make these claims, because we just don't have accurate statistics to refute it.

Some illegal immigrants steal an identity, which is a felony, and go to work. This stolen identity includes a social security number, which they can supply to their employer. Their employer may not know the employee is working illegally and using a stolen ID. Taxes, including social security contributions, are taken out of their pay as normal. However, these payroll deductions are credited to the stolen social security number which means somebody else will benefit from their deductions.

Many work illegally, for employers that know they are illegal. In these cases, their illegal status is why they get hired. You see, when somebody is working illegally, the boss doesn't have to pay them as much as somebody who is working legally. And the employer doesn't have to waste any money on 'feel good' measures like paying the medical bills for on the job injuries, paying overtime, health insurance or sick leave. With illegal employees you can break 'em and throw 'em away. Not great for the worker, but definitely saves the employer a bundle of money.

The Money the Employer Saves by Hiring Illegals Means Cheaper Prices for Us When We Go Shopping.

Let's say 2 different states build widgets, and one state employs a high percentage of illegals in their widget factories and the other state employs no illegals. The state that hires the illegals will be able to sell their widgets much cheaper than the state that does not hire illegals. This explains the economic motivation states have to become Sanctuary states.

The Public Benefits When Businesses

Exploit Illegal Immigrants and it's


This was the conclusion of Gallup's Chief Economist writing in the Business Journal

Twice, during Trump's presidency, the Seattle Times ran editorials about the benefits of illegal workers. Washington state often has a good economy, with companies making good profits for their stockholders. Washington also has a lot of agriculture that benefits from cheap seasonal employees. In both of these editorials the Seattle Times stated that the key to keeping our economy strong was keeping the southern border open. They stated that allowing Trump to close the southern border, and cut off our supply of cheap labor, would have negative consequences for all Washingtonians. The Olympia newspaper ran a similar editorial.

Could Our Country Survive

If We Got Rid of All Illegal Immigrants?

Yes, but only on one condition. We would need to replace illegal workers with legal Guest Workers.

Because legal guest workers wouldn't have the threat of deportation hanging over their head:

  1. They would demand, and would receive, better pay, and safer work conditions.

  2. They would experience less abuse in the workplace.

  3. They would get some of the same employment benefits legal workers take for granted.

The net effect of replacing illegal workers with legal Guest Workers would be a reduction in workplace exploitation and an increase in the prices consumers pay.

Exploiting Illegal Workers to Keep Prices Down is the

Single Reason the Southern Border

is Allowed to Stay Open.

Businesses and corporations that benefit from cheap, illegal labor, make huge campaign contributions, and politicians listen to them. Truthfully, both parties have had many opportunities to seal up the border. However, because there are so many businesses that like the cheap labor, and so many customers that don't want to see prices go up, congress is highly unlikely to close the border anytime soon.

The Public Benefits as Businesses

Exploit Cheap Illegal Labor

As a country we should do 3 things.

  1. We should acknowledge the exploitation that occurs with employment of illegal aliens, (substandard pay and unsafe work conditions).

  2. We should acknowledge that the border could easily be sealed up and illegal workers replaced with legal Guest Workers, if we were simply willing to pay higher prices.

  3. If we choose not to be part of this corrupt system, we need to vote for candidates that will fix it.

Take care and BE HEALTHY!

CW Jasper

December 2022

© 2022· Content is Property Created by CW Jasper


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08 de jan. de 2023

Good point. I remember thinking on more than one occasion that things on the border would improve when a political party had control over congress and thus the opportunity to make a constructive change. Then I noticed a pattern when they continually did nothing to improve it. This is when I started to see the disconnect between what they say and do. The current situation doesn't serve the migrants or the citizens nearly as well as it could. I also get the impression that improving the border is something that both sides of the political isle could agree on and yet nothing happens, so I appreciate any logical explanations for why this mystery of agreement and then no action exists.


Natasha Rasaka
Natasha Rasaka
02 de jan. de 2023

Prices are already not affordable. Hiking the minimum wage for workers that have no real skill has made the cost of living too high as it is. I agree, closing the border could help a lot, I don't think it will happen until we improve the financial situation first.

Doctor Jasper
Doctor Jasper
02 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

I doubt it will happen even when the economy improves. It is unlikely that we will arrive at point, that as a country, we collectively say: "We are doing great, let's implement some morality and make the changes at the border that will raise our prices." It didn't happen during Trump's presidency, when our economy was as good as anytime I can remember in my lifetime. No matter how good the economy is, businesses and individuals will always want more.


Gerald Hacker
Gerald Hacker
29 de dez. de 2022

Dr. Jasper,

What are your thoughts on the possibility of demographic manipulation by politicians sending these illegal immigrants to various parts of our country to try and influence district reallocation and influence votes? Thank you.

Doctor Jasper
Doctor Jasper
02 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

I think there are lots of conspiracies going on. Different people and different groups have different motivations for why they do what they do. The thrust of this article was to ask why the public continues to allow the exploitation of illegal immigrants. Why other groups may promote illegal migration is beyond my understanding. I do know that the main reason for keeping the border open is to exploit cheap labor. It is not humane to continue to exploit desperate people. The truly humane and kind option would be to give these people legal guest worker status. Even if we have to pay more at the cash register.

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