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Obligatory New Years Resolution Article!

Well it's that time of year! Everybody has to make resolutions for self improvement. And lot's of resolutions! Some self appointed experts suggest that your future success and happiness depend on the quality and quantity of resolutions that you set. They tell us to start writing as though your future depends on it! Because it does! Those that fail to plan, plan to fail!

By simply setting the right resolutions, they claim, we can become an Olympic athlete, get down to our ideal weight, get that raise and take over the company!

Since the Majority of New years Resolutions are Abandoned So Quickly, Why Does Anybody Even Bother Setting Goals?

Why go to all the fuss?

Because The Desire for Self Improvement

is as Old as Civilization Itself.

Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount, said

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."

That sets a pretty high standard for all of us. Other religions have similar teachings. For example, the teachings of Islam require Muslims to be mindful of developing their integrity and conduct and continually thinking about their impact as individuals on the those around them and on society at large.

The desire for self improvement is part of our culture and seems embedded within us. That desire is part of who we are.

Are New Years Resolutions the path to self improvement? Not if you quit them after 2 weeks!

The Question We Should Be Asking Is How

To Make Our Resolutions Successful.

We've all started fires with a magnifying glass. I just read about an artist, who uses a large magnifying glass to melt colored glass and old bottles into artistic shapes. Sunlight certainly doesn't melt glass under ordinary circumstances, but by using the principle of focus it can.

The same principle applies to our goals and resolutions. If we set too many goals it will lead to failure. But focusing your efforts enough will lead to success. The issue is not that you can't improve, but how much improvement can you take on at any one time.

Hence the key to successful resolutions is this:

Do better, by doing less!

It's your choice:

Set 10 goals and fail miserably


Set 1 or 2 goals and succeed!

This year I am setting just one goal. It is something I have been working at for years. It is something that will make my life better. And I will succeed, because I am focusing on this single goal this year. After it has become a habit, I may set another goal without waiting for the New Year. Because that's the other thing about New Years Resolutions: You can set them anytime!

Take care and BE HEALTHY!

CW Jasper

January 2023

© 2023· Content is Property Created by CW Jasper


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