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Our Mission:

Is to relieve the suffering 

and debility

of chronic pain, headaches and migraines.

To Do This:

We will provide superior professional care, while minimizing dependency by educating the patient on self care and health promotion.

With our current medical knowledge we are unable to completely eliminate opioids in the treatment of severe, intractable, chronic pain. But we can and should eliminate ineffective pain management and over-reliance on opioids.


Ineffective pain management occurs when there is no measurable increase in, or preservation of, functionality. In other words, we have failed if the patient still can’t get off the couch and return to work.


Over-reliance on opioids occurs when patients are given opioids in lieu of treatments that would be more effective, or if patients are given opioids exclusively, when multimodal treatment would have a more beneficial effect.


"At Steck Medical Group, I am committed to providing effective pain management without over-reliance on opioids, and will use all of the treatments necessary to help you get your life back on track." CW Jasper


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