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Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are powerful, natural medicines. The most important omega-3s are EPA and DHA, and are found in salmon and other cold water fish. Omega-3’s have been shown to:

  1. reduce neck, back and joint pain,

  2. fight arthritis,

  3. reduce symptoms of Lupus,

  4. fight heart disease,

  5. help control high blood pressure,

  6. reduce high triglycerides,

  7. fight Crohns disease,

  8. help depression.


How do I choose an Omega-3 product?

  1. You want near equal amounts of the most important omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, or about a 60/40 ratio.

  2. You don't care about the "total amount of fish oil" or "other important omega-3 fatty acids" or "fish oil concentrate", etc.

  3. You care only about the total EPA and DHA added together.

  4. Look to see how many pills a day you have to take to get your desired dose. Between 4 and 10 pills a day is expected.

  5. The research indicates that an adult needs to take 2000 to 3000 mg per day of EPA and DHA. 

  6. Some omega-3s are liquid. Is this acceptable to you? Or do you prefer gelcaps?



Omega-3s are probably the most important natural medicine for people with chronic pain.

Patient Report

“My doctor told me to start taking fish oil. I thought it was for my heart. Not only did my heart condition improve but my joints have never felt better. So I’ll continue taking it.”

CV, Palmer

A review in 2007, of 17 randomized, controlled medical studies showed that patients who used omega-3s: 

  1. had decreased joint pain

  2. had less stiffness,

  3. eliminated some joint pain entirely 

  4. used less NSAIDs, (drugs like aspirin and Advil). 

People generally see less pain and stiffness in 2-4 weeks, with full benefits taking up to 12 weeks. 

If you are only going to use one medicine for your pain, it should be omega-3s.


Omega-3s will provide more benefit for more people, than any other medicine, natural or prescription.


The Federal Government stated: 

“Overall, consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, whether from fish or from supplements, reduces all cause mortality...”


No other drug or supplement is known to reduce mortality from all causes! 

How do I take omega-3s?

  1. Look at the serving size on the label. Is it 1 pill? Or 2 pills, or 3 or 4 pills?

  2. If the serving size is 2 pills, and one serving supplies 600 mg of EPA and 400 mg of DHA, than you would need to take 2 pills to get 1000 mg of omega-3s.

  3. To get the therapeutic dose of 2000 to 3000 mg per day, you would need to take 2 to 3 servings, IE 4 to 6 pills per day.

  4. For best results most people should take double doses (4000 to 6000 mg/day) the first few weeks, until they feel better, and then reduce to the normal therapeutic dose (2000 to 3000 mg/day).

  5. Some people get fish burps or heart burn with omega-3s. This usually gets better after a few weeks. It will help if you don't take them in the morning and don't take them on an empty stomach. For most people it works best to take half with lunch and the rest with dinner. 

Clearly Costco is the least expensive at $13.11/month.

I take 3000 mg/day of the Carlson product because I like the company and I trust them. Nordic Naturals is also a very well respected company. Good Health on Harrison Avenue has an excellent selection of other products as well. I would not hesitate to take the NatureMade from Costco. You should find a product that fits your budget.

Fred Meyer, Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, 30 day supply would cost $57.25 

on sale price, and you would need to take 5 and 1/2 capsules per day.

GNC website, Triple Strength Fish oil, 30 day supply would cost $33.74 regular price, and you would need to take 3 capsules per day. Also has Carlson Super Omega-3, a 30 day supply would cost $38.76, and you would need to take 6 per day.

Good Health Nutrition Center, 503 Harrison Ave, Centralia, Has Carlson Super Omega, 30 day supply for $35.30 and Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, 30 day supply for $55.00

Costco, NatureMade Omega-3, 30 day supply would cost $13.11 regular price, and you would need to take 10 capsules per day.

​​Cost of Omega-3s in the Chehalis area

These prices change without notice. Please verify current prices. Comparisons are based on taking 3,000 mg per day for a 30 day supply, IE the cost of 90,000 mg of omega-3s. The bottle may last more than a month. The price quoted is prorated to a 30 day supply 

If you prefer to shop online the following

link has some excellent products. 

Shop Online by Clicking Here


If you want to live longer and feel better you should take 2000 to 3000 mg per day of Omega-3s.


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