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In the USA:

-There are 116 million people in pain

-There are 4,000 pain specialists

-That's 29,000 patients per pain specialist


There are simply not enough pain specialists to go around.


Here is the good news!

Medical studies have shown that patients that learn about their chronic pain and treatment options, get better results and report a higher quality of life. This website can help you take control of your chronic pain. This website has the information you need to become your own pain specialist. 

  1. Please go to your assigned Learning Module, using one of the buttons above.

  2.  After you have studied the provided material, please answer the questions at the end and hit "Submit".  

  3. You are free to peruse any other section, but please only answer the questions on the assigned Module.

  4. We will discuss your answers at your next office visit.

  5. Happy Learning!

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